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Preschool admissions policy

Admission of children to preschool is governed by applicable legislation. You can find details on this page.

We comply with Act No. 561/2004 Coll. on preschool, elementary, secondary, higher vocational, and other education (Education Act), Decree No. 14/2005 Coll. as amended, according to Decree 43/2006 Coll., on preschool education. In accordance with § 34 paragraph 4 of the Education Act, children in the last year before the start of compulsory school attendance are preferentially admitted to the preschool class.

The director determines the method of enrolling children in mini-preschool and preschool. Registration for preschool education starting from the following school year takes place between May 2 and May 16. Children can be admitted to Malvína during the school year if capacity allows.

A child is admitted to Malvína by the director upon the parent’s request. The preschool can only accept a child who has undergone the prescribed regular vaccinations and has proof of immunity to infection or cannot undergo the vaccination due to a permanent contraindication. This does not apply to children starting the compulsory pre-school admittance.

The director of Malvína decides on the inclusion of a disabled child in Malvína on the basis of a written statement from a pediatrician and a pedagogical-psychological counseling center or a special educational center with relevant specialization.

If the number of registered children exceeds Malvína’s capacity, the school director will decide on their admission according to the following admissions criteria:

1. Children who, during the year, reach the age that corresponds to the year before starting compulsory school attendance;
2. Children whose siblings are already attending Malvína;
3. Children starting full attendance; for the entire school year.

The school management then evaluates all received applications and sends a notification about the result of the admission procedure within 30 days of submitting the application. Based on the receipt of information about the child’s admission to preschool, the legal representative will sign the contract and pay the school fees for the first month of attendance.