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The people who make up Malvína ♥

Meet all our colleagues who lead small personalities to big tasks every day! We choose experienced teachers who like to work with children with an internal drive to develop constantly. We provide them with regular and extracurricular training and courses. They can also consult with a special pedagogue or supervisor on how to approach any non-standard behaviour.

Preschool Malvína Karlín

Domika Hájková ředitelka školky Malvína

Dominika Hájková
Director of the Malvína preschool

Dominika manages it all here 🙂 She is primarily in charge of daily communication with parents, the creation of lesson plans and the overall development of the entire kindergarten. Dominika has been a member of Malvina for several years, her previous position was preschool teacher for 3-4.5 years. She graduated Pedagogical School Beroun – preschool and extracurricular pedagogy. Reading literacy course, burnout prevention course, more than 16 years of playing piano.

Lucie Bystroňová
Financial manager

The grey eminence of the whole preschool – without Lucie we wouldn’t be able to function even for a month! Most parents only know her via email or phone, so here you can see at least her photo. You will undoubtedly get in touch with her, for example when invoicing the tuition payment for half a year or a year in advance.

Kateřina Charvátová

Education: Higher Vocational School Evropská in Prague, specialization Preschool and extracurricular pedagogy. Jan Hanuš Art School, specialization piano. IT Step Academy, specialization Computer Graphics and Design. Theatre improvisation courses for beginners and advanced. Pastel course in Draw Planet. Animation course in Aeroschool.

Professional experience: Since 2016, teaching experience with children from 3 to 6 years of age from various preschools. 2 years au pair in the UK. 3 years dance teacher for children from 3 to 6 years, experience as a summer camp leader for children from 5 to 10 years.

Eva Fiury

Education: Salvador Allende Secondary Pedagogical School, Prague 6, specialization Preschool Teacher

Professional experience: Worked as a teacher in Prague preschools, worked as a nanny in the children’s group Jahoda, z.s., babysitting in families

Daniela Nicoletta

Education: Secondary pedagogical school in Italy

Professional experience: ECO ART teacher with 12 years of experience in international Montessori preschools and ABC academy preschool. Daniela respects nature and tries to pass on her knowledge to children in a creative way.

Blanka Nováková

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at the Faculty of Education, Charles University. Specialization in music education as part of the program, completed with a degree. Followed by a master’s program in Pedagogy of Early Childhood at the same faculty, with a specialization in Education Management, also completed with a degree.

Professional experience: During university studies, completed practical training in various preschools, including faculty-run preschools, public schools, and private alternative preschools (Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilia pedagogy).

Jana Trang Le

Education: Grammar School Olomouc – Hejčín. Teaching assistant course, bilingual teaching assistant course, and intercultural worker course.

Professional experience: English and Czech language tutor. Interest group lecturer. Practice in Mezy domy preschool. Internship at Květnového vítězství Elementary School. Adaptation coordinator for primary school pupils with a different mother tongue. Assistant teacher in an intensive Czech course for preschoolers with a different mother tongue. Lecturer of a leisure club for children with a different mother tongue. Intercultural worker for the language combination Czech – Vietnamese in InBázi.

Eva Urbanová

Education: Gymnasium and secondary vocational school Světlá nad Sázavou, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, field of Territorial and Technical Administrative Service, ongoing nanny course.

Professional experience: Teaching assistant in an international kindergarten in Prague, aupair abroad (Italy and France).

Dana Damborská
Bilingual assistant

Education: Higher vocational school of social work and law, specialization social worker, studied Spanish at Universidad Católica Quito.

Professional experience: Guide for Spanish-speaking tourists in Prague, Nicaragua – volunteer activities for children from the street, Diaconia – leisure activities for children.

Karolína Lubasová
Teaching assistant

Education: Secondary school, administrative worker, English studies, social service worker course and social service worker for preschool pedagogy, teaching assistant course.

Professional experience: Work as a nanny in the children’s group of Kindergarten Jahoda, long-term work as a nanny in an international nursery.

Olga Hakenová

Parents rarely meet Olga, but all the children meet her and they literally love her 🙂 Olga prepares snacks for them and serves our famous lunches, takes care of the running of the preschool overall and helps keep everything in perfect condition.

Nursery Malvína Karlín

Nela Tomancová
Malvína Nursery Manager

Education: Palacký University in Olomouc, specialization archaeology-history. Pedagogical minimum for secondary schools in the field of history. Nanny for children before the age of compulsory schooling.

Professional experience: Leader at a children’s fairytale camp for parents with children. History teacher during internship at the Hejčín grammar school in Olomouc and the Lesní čtvrť grammar school in Zlín. Three years of experience in a nursery, deputy director in Malvína preschool.

Nikola Stružinská

Education: Secondary School of Crafts and Services, Nanny for children before the age of compulsory schooling.

Professional experience: Babysitting in Rákosníček kindergarten with 7 years of experience. Sports aerobics and yoga trainer.

Sandra Marešová

Education: Secondary Medical School in Pilsen.

Professional experience: Internship at the Infant Care Center and the Children’s Department of the FN Pilsen. Babysitting in families.

External collaborators

Pauline-Saint Čabrada
Certified Sleep Coach

The mission of a certified Sleeping Coach® is to help children (0 to 6 years of age) to learn the quality sleep and rest they deserve and need for their growth, through a gradual, tender and proven approach.

We will never let your child scream, but we will gradually accompany them to learn the skills to fall asleep on their own. Pauline will work with you to create an individual sleep plan that addresses the age, health and temperament of your child, parental lifestyle, and related family dynamics.

Alena Kozlerová
Special educator

Alena is always here when there is a significant problem requiring special care. It provides support for pupils with difficulties in the field of cognitive functions, etopedic support and diagnostics for non-standard behaviour.

He also advises parents in the field of prevention and re-education, in our case mainly motor function disorders. It also offers family counseling and crisis intervention. He collaborates mainly online and discusses with all our carers and teaching staff of the nursery and crèche, so that we have the children’s behavior and their development under constant supervision. Of course, consultations can also be arranged individually if necessary.

David Dvořák, logoped Malvína

David Dvořák
Speech therapist

For many years, David worked as a leader at camps and trainings, until he finally decided to complete his pedagogical education supplemented by Special Education at Ped UK with a focus on speech therapy. He has experience with children and pupils of all ages and also works with adults. It’s great that it helps us eliminate speech defects at the earliest age.