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International preschool and nursery in Prague with focus on arts

Malvína is a selective private international preschool with accreditation and focus on arts in Prague 8. We also operate an international nursery just a few blocks away. The primary languages of our teachers are Czech and English, but some also speak Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Vietnamese.

Thanks to our programme, children gain healthy self-confidence, can work in a team and form friendly relations with ease. Our goal is to raise well-rounded personalities perfectly prepared for the transition to first grade and for life.

Children from Malvína can be assertive and empathetic at the same.

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„I founded Malvína in 2013 with a goal of developing and supporting children’s own desires and provide them with a place where they can simply be happy children. Emphasizing their artistic side which develops the soul and feeling but also to show them boundaries and develop a sense of duty. Keeping their word. Speaking the truth. In a nutshell, to raise confident children who will be happy and strong personalities.“

Alžběta Frimlová

The rest of our life is shaped by its first years

How does it work here?

If you raise a child in an environment that fails to nurture them, they are likely to become an annoying adult. However, surround the child with love and motivation and they will grow into a strong, positive personality.

And that’s exactly how the Malvína programme is set up.

We lead children to love art and creation, which makes them experience all the same emotions we adults know – the joy of a beautiful picture or the disappointment when they stain it, teamwork on joint projects and the first feelings of responsibility in their individual activities.

In each such activity, we provide the children with attention and help them process all these emotions. Each class averages less than 20 children taken care of at least 2 teachers and 1 assistant, so we have plenty of time for each child.

We praise children for their successes and we also teach them to praise one another. We motivate them to work, even if they are not succeeding at the moment, and we support their practice of new activities.

It’s amazing to see them gaining confidence every week and month and becoming committed to increasingly complex projects ♥

What makes Malvína special?

One of Malvína’s huge strengths is that approximately half of the children here have at least one foreign parent. Children in our country usually speak Czech and English, they are in touch with various customs and personalities. When working in teams they empathize with one another other more and seek compromise.

In addition to carefully selected staff, we also offer the services of a special pedagogue and Sleep coach who consults sleep disorders and the creation of a sleep plan with parents. Find out more in the Our Teams section.

Of course, we offer top equipment, maximum safe spaces and extracurricular activities such as canistherapy, visits to museums, webinars, clubs, and project days.

Our goal is to send confident children to the first grade who do not want to lie and cheat to succeed. We lead children to fair play, strong friendships through teamwork and healthy self-confidence.

We introduce them to the basics of English, an appreciation for art and creation, as well as a lot of knowledge thanks to our unique project days.

Elective services

Accreditation by the Ministry of Education

Top-notch premises

Experienced teachers

Preparation for the Czech educational system

Year-round registration and operation

First-class environment

We are very proud of our interiors. The nursery in Prague Karlín underwent a demanding reconstruction in 2020. The pictures of the new interiors have been published in foreign architecture magazines.
We are now adding a private play park by Atelier344 to the preschool in the beautiful premises of Futurama Karlín.

Nursery Karlín Křižíkova 159/56, Prague 8

Preschool Karlín Sokolovská 668/136D, Prague 8

Nursery Karlín Křižíkova 159/56, Prague 8

Preschool Karlín Sokolovská 668/136D, Prague 8

The best teachers and assistants

All our teachers and assistants undertake regular training and courses in order to maintain the demanding conditions of accreditation by the Ministry of Education. In Malvína we choose only colleagues who feel fulfilled by working with children and who also devote themselves to teaching in their free time.

Dominika Hájková
Director of the Malvína preschool

Dominika manages it all here 🙂 She is primarily in charge of daily communication with parents, the creation of lesson plans and the overall development of the entire kindergarten. Dominika has been a member of Malvina for several years, her previous position was preschool teacher for 3-4.5 years. More than 16 years of playing piano.

Lucie Honcová, Manažerka kanceláře

Lucie Honcová
Office manager

Lucie is responsible for the entire agenda so that our director can focus only on creating educational programs. She attended a high school of economics in business management and a sales management course. Since 2016, she has experience in leading children’s groups and organizing children’s camps.

Nela Tomancová, Manažerka Jeslí Malvína

Nela Tomancová
Malvína Nursery manager

Palacký University in Olomouc, specialization archaeology-history. Pedagogical minimum for secondary schools in the field of history. Leader at a children’s fairytale camp for parents with children. Three years of experience in a nursery, deputy director in Malvína preschool.

Elaborate daily programme

There’s one nursery class and three classes for older children in Malvína. Each class averages less than 20 children taken care of at least 2 teachers and 1 assistant. The red class, our cutest children aged 2-3, for whom everything is very new and unknown, exception – they have two trained nannies at hand.

On the following four pages, you can look at each class and find out their daily programme. We put it together with experienced teachers to ensure maximal personal development and while not making children feel pressured. All learning takes place in the form of games, movement exercises and communication.

9mo to 2-year-olds
Daily nursery program
2 to 3-year-olds
Daily program of the Red class
3 to 4.5-year-olds
Daily program of the Green class
4.5 to 6-year-olds
Daily program of the Orange class

Price list

We are as accommodating as possible; therefore it is possible to place your little personality in Malvína only for a few days a week. We also let you make up for an absence without giving a reason of up to 10 days in preschool and 5 days in the nursery. We offer a discount up to 15% when paying in advance, or 20% when placing siblings.

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