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Harmonious kindergarten right in the Futurama Business Park

Preschool Karlín Sokolovská 668/136D [map]

The Malvína preschool is located in the beautiful new premises of the Futurama Business Park in Karlín, Prague. The building itself was built in 2009 and our interiors were renovated in 2020, so everything shines as new and maximum safety is ensured.

Thanks to reconstruction, we expanded our capacity to 3 classes. The area of 400 m2 gives the small number of children a huge space for playing and learning all new things.

In addition, in 2022 we opened our own park with an area of 224 m22 with a playground and ecological elements by Atelier344, which is located right next door. It contains plants, wicker houses and a so-called hrabaliště, a unique natural playground made of acacia wood. It contains various surfaces such as sand, pebbles or soil where they can develop their motor skills and get to know the cycles of the seasons.

Modern interior and equipment

Just like in the case of nursery, architects helped us with the design of the premises and we adapted everything to the needs of the children and the requirements of the teachers. If there was an opportunity to compromise on something to save money, we preferred to pay extra and get a 100% result. For example, in the field of air conditioning and air filtration, which we also extended to the hall, or when choosing better materials for the interior.

We care a lot about our equipment, so we change all toys and teaching aids whenever they are damaged. In any case, we lead the children to diligence and order, so our books, toy cars or even stuffed animals are doing very well 🙂

The location has great accessibility by car, only about 10 minutes from Wenceslas Square while still close to the arterial thoroughfares to the north and east of Prague. There are also sufficient parking spaces in front of Futurama.

Teaching is not all we offer

In addition to the classic Malvína programme, which consists of the curriculum by the Ministry of Education and our own games and exercises, we involve children in many other activities:

  • Art course
  • Music and theatre course
  • Little handyman
  • Exercises – physiotherapy with VO2max
  • Speech therapy clinic for preschoolers
  • English
  • Canistherapy

We value close cooperation with parents – it bears fruit daily. Once a month we consult with parents and teachers and organize webinars with our special pedagogue.

3 classes
An average of 19 children in a class
At least 2+1 teachers+assistant
Playground area 224 m2
Preschool area 400 m2

Fresh food from Bistro Inspirace

We source our lunches and snacks from the professionals at Bistro Inspirace. They cook and bake using primary ingredients without semi-finished products, substitutes, chemical additives, refined sugar, or genetically modified ingredients.

Most meals are naturally gluten-free, as the chefs do not thicken with wheat flour. They incorporate a large amount of vegetables and fresh herbs. In addition to common ingredients, they include unconventional ones such as bulgur, buckwheat, and barley to make the diet as diverse as possible. They also bake homemade pastries and craft excellent spreads.

Adjusting the consistency of food for the youngest children is a given, as is accommodating various dietary restrictions. Throughout the day, children can choose from two types of beverages: unsweetened tea and water.